Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tonight I went to an Ice Skating Show at RIT with Katrya.
It was really cool to see so many talented skaters and it makes me regret not ever being able to learn how to figure skate. It also made me miss dancing a lot because technically it is dancing on ice....

I attempted to take some photographs, but I didn't really have a decent lens and well so all the girls look tiny and my flash bounced back at me so either they have flash glare or they are dark.
Haha you can never win now can you? Maybe I'll post some of them.

Afterwards though I skated a bit myself, and luckily I didn't fall on my bum. :]
Katrya was graceful going around the rink, I was alright, but can't skate one legged or backwards (figured) and Beena couldn't really keep up with any of it.

All in all though it was a great night out for me and I really needed it.
Thanks guys. :]

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