Friday, December 17, 2010

My Photography

I know my photography is dark and sometimes slightly demented, but that doesn't mean I am what my photos represent. My photos are messages that I share with the world and it fills me with joy when someone says they can actually relate to my image. In life, I'm a happy, fun loving person. I'm going places, I have a dream. My photography isn't me, it's an art. I'm not depressing like my photos, I just like darker photos. I learn so much more through doing manipulations on these darker images, than I would with happier and joyful photos. I love happy photos and I do take them and when I do I absolutely love them, because those photos are me, they represent me as a person and how joyful and happy I am. I learn more on my darker images, and these skills I have developed I can use later down the road in my journey and soon use them in my happier photos as well!

My photos are my art, and I wish for people to respect them. To see them as art, and not alter their views on me because of them. I am Caitlyn, a happy, loving, joyful person. I love, I breathe, I love. It's who I am. I create photos in the moment, photos to represent life, even if I can't neccessaraily relate to my own photos, I know others can and well I love it. :]

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