Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mark's Poem

Cause I really need to make this thing less bare, I'm posting a poem I had written for my boyfriend about a week ago... :]

you are the one who holds me tight,
the one who’d kiss me to sleep at night.
the guy who wraps me in his strong embrace,
always managing to put a smile on my face.
the guy who soothes me even more,
the person, the person i love him for.
he kisses and hugs me very close,
the thing i love the very most.
he cuddles me and snuggles me with all his care,
and sometimes i can’t help but stare.
he’s cute and adorable,
funny and clean,
and one things for sure he’s never mean.
we will wrestle and fuss and be tossed around,
but we’ll always do it without wearing a frown.
the guy who makes me feel safe in his arms,
hoping that he will never fall far.
determined and strong,
young and straight forward,
so smart and encouraging,
i envy him for.
what an intriguing personality he has,
with his eyes as deep as the ocean.
he sees me clearly for who i am,
and doesn’t care to judge me for a second.
my love, my support, my hero he is,
i long to keep him all to me.
i love to listen to the beat of his heart,
and when absent from time the tears will start.
he’ll keep me warm when i get cold,
and he’ll adjust my sweater which never gets old.
this guy has some talented musical fingers,
they tremble and tap and on the keys they will linger.
not only do these fingers play a harmony so well,
they’ll tend to hold me and squeeze and really ring my bell.
we’ll have tickle fights we can hardly bare,
but it’s all in good fun we hardly care.
my geek, my boy, my princess too,
what’s important though is that i have you.
for you’ll hold me and love me,
that’s all we’ll do,
but most importantly I love you.

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