Friday, April 1, 2011


thinking by Caitlyn Penke
thinking, a photo by Caitlyn Penke on Flickr.

All these things I’m thinking, I was thinking of only you. Of all the things I’m thinking, I’m thinking I love you.

I'm trying to get back into using this blog site even though I barely have any followers. Anyways today I felt completely trapped. I left my house with camera in hand and my lens I hardly ever use and went to the baseball fields. I wanted to play around, I want to grow, I want to learn. It's just hard because I'm severely lacking motivation and even though I have great ideas, I chicken out because i don't want to do the hard work, ie. multiple images to composite into the final, getting the props, going to the location, etc. etc. My list of why I won't go out could go on and on!

Hope all is well with everyone and no one see's me as a disappointment like I do. It's just hard because I feel like I have nothing to look forward too at all now. Yes, I have so much to work forward too such as in my work, but in the goal of getting everything done, I have nothing.


  1. Ah see thats the fun part of blogger. When you have single digit amounts of followers (I think I have 6?), you can say whatever the hell you want! And I know exactly how you feel... I never want to get all the props set up and find locations at the right times.

  2. Yea, it's all just tedious work and me being lazy on my part, but I have to start sucking it up. All these younger kids know so much more than me and it's all the stuff I want to know and I'm just like howwww? There's no tutorials on this junk so how are you doing it?