Thursday, April 7, 2011

139/365 these things will never end

they lay there
motionless, lifeless, dead.
but their spirits
playful, alive, but demonic.
"come play with us,"
they say.
"come play with the dead."
because death is only the beginning
but the beginning will soon lead to an end.
they will taunt you ,
lure you in
until you are trapped.
these things will never end.

because these things won't end, they never end. they only begin, but beginnings must end, but ends must begin, it's a perpetual cycle.

and that my exactly how i feel.
i want to gut punch someone so hard, kick him so hard, slap him and scratch him and scream and pray that then only then he will wake up. wake back up to the guy he used to be.

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