Friday, April 1, 2011


headfuck. by Amy Spanos
headfuck., a photo by Amy Spanos on Flickr.
hey guys. it's been months since i was on my blogger. literally months. january 26th to be exact. for some reason because the number 26 is so important to me, i didn't want to add posts. i wanted to leave that number there forever.

life has been hell for me lately, i think Amy's photo there can completely show that for me. It's funny I was actually contemplating a photo like this, but with my new fear of driving to Mendon and the weather still being so screwy I've not made it out there to shoot something like this.

As anyone who knows me, they know I'm pregnant. Whoopedy doo. It's life, right? Things happen. But to be honest, I couldn't be more excited! I always thought about having a baby with the guy I loved and now it's happening. It's going to be hard though because well I'm by myself in this, raising the kid, I still have to go to school, work, etc. I'm just glad I have some super supportive friends and family who can be by my side to help.
I am about 17 weeks pregnant now. I hardly look it for multiple reasons. My doctor told me first time pregnant girls sometimes hardly show until literally the 6th month. The girls in my family, I guess this is hereditary hardly show for the longest time as well, but also because I've lost almost 40 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy, the baby bump I do have, just looks like my normal fat flab I used to have!
Scary stuff. I find out the sex in a few weeks. I have names picked out!
Alysana, Aurelia, or Ilithyia. The middle name is Quinn.
Beckett, Bowen (Nicknamed Beau), and Kayden. The middle name being Mark.
The last name will be hyphenated to Penke-Repka.

Well that's all the rambling I will do for now!


  1. I'd say Aurelia for a girl or Kayden for a boy.
    And don't you mean 17 WEEKS not months ;)

  2. Oh my gosh you are completely correct! Hahaha, I should fix that ;)
    If I haven't already marked your vote down from Flickr, I will be sure to do it now!

  3. Not sure if I did put my vote on flickr, but whatevs, I did here :D
    And at first when I saw 17 months I was like HOW IS SHE SO SKINNY? Then was like oh wait........