Tuesday, January 18, 2011

you saw the light in me that no one else could

...but without you, it's fading.

I’m going to follow this through even though I’m crying
 I’d even go to the world of darkness
I know you’ll be there to light my way until the end.
And with you I’ll run past the future 
Theres nothing in this world that can bring my spirits down just please believe me, 
My way, will help us learn to be one.
The two of us God bless.

 God knows that I will follow you if that is what you wanted
Take me into all your darkest shadows
And you’ll see that I’m even stronger than you could know
God knows that I am standing here and you could disappear
Slipping right over the edge of the future
If I had my way we’d be together forever
Eternally God bless…

fuck me, fuck you, i can't take this fucking shit anymore. 
my body is giving out on me.
my mental and emotional status are fucked because of them.
fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. 
i wish you could see what you've let them done.

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